Sustainable Planner® Training Calendar

Virtual Corporation has established the following training schedule for editors and administrators of Sustainable Planner®.  Classes will provide a demonstration of the functions associated with the trainees’ roles. The training agenda and class materials will be sent to the trainee electronically prior to the scheduled class date.

Training Calendar TOC

2021 Sustainable Planner® Training Calendar 

SP Training Q1 & Q2 2021

Contact support at or 973.804.0670 to schedule your training class.

Pre-registration is required.  Registration closes Friday, 5 PM Eastern, the week prior to the class.

Editor Training

This class reviews the “Normal User” training to complete surveys, view or edit documents, and run and view reports.  Editors also learn to add and maintain surveys, documents and organizational structure.

Requirements: A familiarity with MS Office and web-based applications is recommended.

Administrators Training

In addition to all Editor functionality, this class will teach administrators how to add and maintain master surveys, lists, tables and reports.

Requirements: Editor training must be completed first.

Understanding Sustainable Planner’s Data

This class will review the data captured by SP and discuss data mining and aggregate reporting capabilities.

Requirements: Administrator Training and Crystal Reports® novice level training or experience is required; however, intermediate level training or experience is recommended.


For those clients that purchase Analytics, this class reviews the basic functionality of iDashboards® as used with data captured by Sustainable Planner® user.

Requirements: Completion of “Understanding Sustainable Planner’s Data” class.

There is no cost to attend these on-line, instructor led classes. You will need access to a phone line and Zoom.  Please reserve a spot by emailing or call (973) 804-0670 no later than the Friday prior to the scheduled class. 
Pre-registration is required.