Business Continuity in Manufacturing

Resilience and business continuity management in manufacturing needs to look at the socio-ecological system of the organization to determine the impact on both the short and long-term functions and effectiveness of the organization in an uncertain world Virtual Corporation understands that the manufacturing industry has a unique set of complex and sophisticated production processes and products which can be especially vulnerable to various kinds of unexpected disruptions. We have the expertise to help manufacturing companies stay resilient.

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Manufacturing Business Continuity Software

Virtual Corporation has solutions to help business continuity in manufacturing:

  • Identify internal and external stressors and demands on production

  • Move from proactive to reactive continuity maintenance

  • Create transition plans for moving to a new production system or location

  • Understand the impact of system configuration and dynamics

  • Create standards for the information and material flow processes

  • Perform an in-depth analysis of the supply chain process

The goal is to mitigate financial and reputational risk. When it comes to supply chain risk, it’s important for manufacturers to perform a detailed business impact analysis to identify critical suppliers. To minimize risk:

  • Have more than one supplier
  • Understand the logistics environment
  • Predetermine alternative supply routes


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