Hospital Business Continuity Planning

Hospital disaster preparedness, healthcare resilience, healthcare disaster recovery plans, and continuity solutions that promote a healthy outlook for hospitals and health systems.

We understand that the Healthcare industry has unique regulations & requirements. More so than any other industry, organizational continuity planning in the Healthcare environment directly impacts individual lives. In healthcare, operational recovery planning requires an automated system focus which interoperates with the healthcare information technology (HIT) dependent functions in the planning process. Medical care can be dependent on information technology & patient data, such as laboratory & diagnostic test data for each patient at any phase of disaster recovery.

For this reason, Virtual Corporation promises you an extraordinary commitment to areas of healthcare business continuity management (BCM), including engaging leadership and gaining their commitment to resourcing an appropriately scaled BCM program rather than expecting already loaded emergency management resources to take this on. Our healthcare disaster recovery plans are not only intuitive and optimized for healthcare, but they are also designed in a way that leverages our experience assisting other hospitals & healthcare systems.

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Our software product, Sustainable Planner, comes out-of-the-box with CMS & ISO compliant templates for business impact analysis, recovery planning, emergency management, hazard vulnerability assessments, and IT disaster recovery. To accelerate new departments creating their first BC plan, Virtual Corporation provides fully populated clinical, academic, research, and administrative plans.

In addition to keeping compliant, your program needs to be responsive. You need an organizational continuity management (OCM) program that addresses assurance and allows you to manage risk and effectively meet patient, member, community, and regulatory expectations.
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Download our new brief that addresses a Top 5 U.S cancer center's business continuity and organizational resiliency needs

For hospitals, health systems, and providers;

HIPAA requirements include:

  1. Security Incident Procedures (required)
  2. Contingency Plan (required)
  3. Data Backups Stored Offsite (required)
  4. Data Backup Plan (required)
  5. Disaster Recovery Plan (required)
  6. Emergency Mode Operation Plan (required)
  7. Evaluation (required)
  8. Testing & Revision Procedure (addressable)
  9. Applications & Data Criticality Analysis (addressable)
  10. Contingency Operations (addressable)
  11. Facility Security Plan (addressable)

Let us help you engage and bring together all stakeholders in your enterprise. Virtual Corporation has a vast library of populated healthcare specific continuity plan templates for clinical, academic, research, & administrative departments including:

  • Nursing
  • Emergency Department
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Pathology
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Pharmacy
  • Physician Services
  • Patient Billing
  • Perioperative Services
  • Finance & Revenue Services
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Medical School
  • Medical & Clinical Research
  • Academic Affairs

If you would like more information about healthcare business continuity management, how we can help, or you would like to get started, then don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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