Virtual Corporation's Vendor Risk Consulting

21st-century companies rely regularly on service providers and IT suppliers to support key areas of business. The last thing you want to worry about is a third-party vendor failing your organization in times of crisis, or worse yet, causing the crisis! It’s imperative that your vendors be just as prepared as you are. Our consultants have worked with and have the experience to understand firsthand the need for vendor risk assessments, coaching and running exercises to ensure that the vendors you work with are just as ready as you are in times of crisis.

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Vendor Risk Management (VRM) Areas of Expertise:

  • Program Coaching
  • Outsourced Program Management
  • Program Design
  • Program Current State Assessments
  • Vendor Continuity Plan Design and Completion
  • Risk Assessment Design and Completion
  • Supply Chain Dependency Analysis
  • Vendor Recovery Plan Exercises

There are a variety of ways that your business can get hurt, and many times a crisis happens when you least expect it. Your third-party vendors can often be a necessity to your business, but even they can be a threat to your operation. Through our vendor risk assessment and vendor risk management program, you and your employees will be thoroughly educated on how to plan as well as how to react if a crisis occurs because of a third-party vendor such as IT suppliers and service suppliers. Virtual Corporation wants you to be able to have the ability to maintain, or recover, after a disruption no matter the cause. To learn more about our consulting services and how they can help you be ready for any situation, contact us today.