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What is Business Continuity Software? 

Business continuity software is a BCP/BCM application, or suite of applications, that helps companies implement their business continuity plans and meet compliance regulations. For businesses currently planning their own continuity strategies, continuity software makes an excellent complementary tool. If you want to improve your software compliance even further, try robust QA testing Our software will upgrade your continuity plan with precise analytics and organizational tools to facilitate the whole planning and execution process. Companies can achieve greater levels of accuracy in their business impact analyses and decision-making by using data-driven, automated processes. Continuity software can store critical business information, accurately identify a company's level of risk exposure, and help businesses respond to threats.

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A disaster recovery plan is a key component of any business continuity plan (BCP). The plan should contain strategies for handling IT disruptions to networks, servers, personal computers, and mobile devices. The plan should cover how to reestablish office productivity and enterprise software so that key business needs can be met. Companies whose business continuity and disaster recovery plans are not current or fail to meet regulatory requirements, industry best practices, or customer expectations may find themselves unable to recover from unplanned disasters. Many companies maintain large paper notebooks of out-of-date business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Maintaining these plans in word processing software is time-consuming and does not provide the flexibility needed to easily update plans as regulatory requirements change, auditors request additional information, or customers require increased service levels. Ensure that your staff has access to the most current information, plans, and response procedures, plans, and response procedures — wherever they are.

Sustainable Planner Supports:

  • Comprehensive Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Business Continuity plan development
  • IT Disaster Recovery
  • Risk mitigation
  • Data protection and recovery
  • Incident management and critical communication

Control and command business continuity, resiliency, and risk & recovery with Sustainable Planner

Virtual Corporation’s Sustainable Planner® is an affordable, comprehensive & customizable business continuity software solution. It empowers you and your organization to implement processes that build, update, and maintain your own continuity and risk management plans.

This intuitive resilience planner can help business continuity, risk managers, and information security professionals optimize efficiency.

With our business continuity planning (BCP) software, your organization can:

  • Easily perform Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Quickly build Business Continuity Plans (BCP)
  • Continuity of Operations plan (COOP)
  • Analyze exposure and enhance preparedness
  • Control communications
  • Mitigate disaster recovery
  • Command your business continuity management programs (BCM)

From our innovative user-friendly administrative dashboard to the intuitive flow and planning components, Sustainable Planner continues to be the most comprehensive and robust business continuity management planning system on the market.

Out-of-the-box or Customized Business Continuity Software

Sustainable Planner comes ready to use with a choice of several proven methodologies designed specifically for the unique market needs of our customers & partners. And these templates can be easily enhanced with your terminology or unique data requirements to match your desired business continuity management (BCM) planning and information technology (IT) disaster recovery requirements.

There are three options for your organization to choose from. You decide which works best for your needs and we’ll take care of the rest:

  1. SaaS – Software as a Service subscription 
  2. Perpetual – host Sustainable Planner at your data center
  3. Perpetual Hosted – we can also host your Perpetual license for you