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Virtual Corporation’s mission is to empower organizations to achieve sustained resilience through software and professional services.

Central to our mission is that our solutions be:

  • Prudent – Propose cost-effective strategies that match the client’s objectives.
  • Practical – Create impactful continuity solutions that are easily understood & remembered
  • Achievable – Deliver results early and often
  • Sustainable – Build knowledge transfer into each engagement, creating self-sufficiency
  • Scalable – Able to be used or produced in a range of capabilities

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Don’t go it alone. Whether you are just starting your plan, or have a comprehensive enterprise business continuity or organizational resilience plan in place, we can help you manage, analyze and implement an optimal program.

We can help you build organizational engagement with tips, best practices, presentations, and educational resources you can share with stakeholders – even those without your background and knowledge.

Virtual Corporation specializes in partnering to develop and sustain repeatable, practical continuity capabilities. Our methods, software tools, and templates are highly scalable and easy to use across sectors.

Our consultants assist our clients in all areas of organizational resilience, COOP & IT disaster recovery.

We are sought after by large organizations to implement sustainable organizational resilience. We can help you too!

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We are a leader in the implementation of enterprise continuity programs and organizational resilience

Our services include:

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