Scott Ream Head shot 8-26-2021

Scott Ream

CEO & President

Scott Ream is a business continuity pioneer, leader, speaker, author and strategist. With over 30 years in IT support, business process design and consulting services, he has leveraged this experience in the design of Virtual Corporation’s innovative products and services. Scott created the Business Continuity Maturity Model® (BCMM®) together with assistance from a diverse continuity professional working team. Scott has a BAS in electrical engineering and entrepreneurial business development from the University of Pennsylvania; a combined undergraduate degree from the Moore School of Electrical Engineering and the Wharton School of Business.

Margaret Langsett_Professional Headshot

Margaret Langsett


Margaret Langsett has over 25 years’ experience in COOP, marketing, sales, methodology training, support & program content development. Margaret brings extensive executive experience to her role at Virtual Corporation by providing overall leadership including operational aspects including procurement & legal functions. Margaret was also the Project Manager for the creation of the Business Continuity Maturity Model®. As a frequent presenter on the BCMM®, Margaret has introduced & educated continuity professionals on the capabilities and use of the model. In addition, she has participated in the planning, development and delivery of tabletop exercises for conferences and clients.

Lance_Stange 2021 Headshot

Lance Stange


Lance Stange provides executive operational leadership and strategic vision to Virtual Corporation.  He is a US Army veteran who has worked within the resiliency space for the past 15 years with mass notification and business continuity management (BCM) solution providers.

Bryce_Noland_2021 Headshot

Bryce Noland

Director of R&D

Bryce has over 2 decades of enterprise experience where he has lead software development operations teams to successfully design, develop, deliver and support their solutions. Bryce brings his extensive experience of software architecture, development, delivery, and maintenance to lead Virtual Corporation's software development and technical solutions.