IT Disaster Recovery Management

Virtual Corporation’s disaster recovery planning consulting identifies the strategy and procedures for recovering technology structure, data center processing of critical operations should a disaster mainly disrupt operations. As processes are evaluated, our consulting team asks the following questions:

• What systems and operations are critical to sustain the business?
• What software is needed to sustain critical services?
• What systems are needed to recover technology?
• Have the plans been tested and validated?

Plans showcase processes needed to effectively respond to a disaster, assign liabilities, and outline the procedures for testing and maintaining the plan. Plans are streamlined to reflect current software, procedures, critical operations, and staffing.

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Has your organization experienced downtime or system failures due to business interruptions?

Are you prepared for a disaster to hit your organization?

Often times organizations are not aware of the full impact of business interruptions and the amount of recovery time necessary to restore systems to optimal functionality. Gaining control before actual disasters and business interruptions is imperative to minimize time-sensitive business functions during events.

Our disaster recovery consultants' services are equipped to help you evaluate systems, networks, servers, virtualization, voice, VOIP, storage, backup and restore, staff, applications, policies, procedures, data, or critical business functions essential for everyday activities and operations. Emergency preparedness planning introduces assessing hazards and vulnerabilities within a disaster response plan. The process develops a standard methodology for organizing and enforcing contingency plans and affiliated procedures. This plan provides thorough training of workers at each point to be prepared.

These comprehensive plans will address decision-making authorities, identify incident directors and designated backups, give protocols for dealing with incidents, as well as guidance in communication. Our team will produce these documents in close collaboration with you and provide a custom disaster recovery plan for your team.

In the event your organization has experienced a disaster or business interruption, Virtual Corporation is here to help you gain control quickly afterward with our IT disaster recovery management. Our consultants know how to align industry best practices and develop recovery strategies to anticipate and mitigate losses.

Areas of Expertise:

  • DR Program Maturity Assessment
  • DR Program Design
  • IT Current State of Program Assessment
  • Systems Risk Management
  • IT Systems Dependency Analysis
  • Data Center Recovery Strategies
  • Outsourced DR Program Management
  • Disaster Recovery Exercises & Testing

Virtual Corporation provides the most thorough and effective disaster recovery consulting services for organizational resiliency. Contact us today to learn more about our disaster recovery consultation services.

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