We wrote the book on organizational resilience. We understand the unique needs of academic campuses and education systems and offer software templates, proven methods, and consultants that follow the best practices for academic organization continuity planning and management.

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Academic Organization Business Continuity Management


Academic organization continuity, risk management, and disaster recovery planning so your administrative teams, IT, faculty, and campus community stay resilient.

College campuses, universities, and education service organizations have unique social and security concerns when it comes to organizational resilience and disaster planning. We can help your academic institution achieve optimal organizational outcomes with resilience management solutions that give you complete control, assurance, and flexibility.

  • We meet with you to uncover your unique campus community from student to academic industry-specific needs.
  • Jointly, we design a synchronized strategy prioritized for your institution’s requirements.
  • We create an adaptable, customized solution to support high resiliency and disaster recovery across the complete physical, social and data infrastructure of your campus and impacted departments.
  • We will help you manage implementation, faculty and administrative buy-in, team engagement and change management across your entire infrastructure.
  • We offer ongoing support from the industry’s top continuity consultants so you don’t have to go it alone.

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