Return-to-Work Support

As leaders plan for the gradual return of employees to the workplace, a structured Return-to-Work (RTW) program will be vital to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the workforce.

Employers will need to establish clear occupancy limits supported by strict scheduling, physical distancing, and health safety measures in order to reduce the density of people inside the office at any given time. To ensure business continuity at this stage of the “new normal,” corporate leaders will need to find the right balance between employee needs, evolving regulations, and physical limitations of their space.

The Virtual Corporation Professional Services team is at the front and center of this conversation with our enterprise clients. In the graphic to the right, we’ve compiled our implementation strategy for Return-to-Work (RTW).

Virtual is able to completely lead your effort, or support your team as you prepare.



Return to Work (RTW) Surveys & Results 

We wanted to get an understanding of what Business Continuity professionals are considering when they’re thinking about Return-to-Work. We polled 1000+ participants from our webinar on May 6th for Disaster Recovery Journal "The Pandemic Response Lifecycle: Strategies for Long Term Recovery Planning" and asked them to provide their anonymous answers to a quick surveys. Check out the results! 

Return-to-Work Surveys & Results 

Return to Work (RTW) Templates

We understand building a playbook is a challenge. Virtual’s consulting team has found several samples of RTW playbooks and documentation that could be of help as you begin your preparations.

If you decide it’s the right move for your organization, please review these resources and use the things you feel will work best for your organization.

If you’d like to learn about Virtual’s Return to Work implementation strategy and the playbook we can build for you:


Return to Work Playbook Components