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Welcome to Virtual Corporation Inc.

Virtual Corporation’s mission is to empower organizations to achieve sustained resilience through our world class software and professional services.

We are a leader in the implementation of enterprise business continuity
management programs and organizational resilience.

Sustainable Planner®

With our Business Continuity Planning software, you can better identify risk and vulnerabilities that could impact your organization's ongoing operations. The intuitive, flexible Business Continuity Planning software solution is customizable to meet your company's needs and provide the framework you need for building actionable organizational resilience & business continuity planning.



Sustainable Planner® is first and foremost easy to use. We have a better than 95% retention rate of our users one-year after installation and training has occurred. Does your current tool provide that kind of ease?

Undeniable Flexibility

Sustainable Planner is an incredibly intuitive interface which allows itself to conform to your program, instead of your program needing to conform to the tool. It’s customizable without the additional customization fees.

Dashboard Reporting

Reduce documentation costs and technical support calls. Sustainable Planner has an excellent database with superb reporting capabilities that virtually allows reporting anything within the tool quickly; right at yours and your teams fingertips.

Sustainable Planner Screenshot
Sustainable Planner Screenshot

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What People Are Saying About Virtual Corporation


"We love Sustainable Planner’s simple, web survey driven interface!"

We and our user base love Sustainable Planner’s simple, web survey driven interface. This easy to understand streamlined interface means reduced training costs, reduced documentation costs, and reduced documentation costs, and reduced technical support calls. What it really means is less headaches in supporting the tool and more productivity in using the tool for us & our end users.

Delta Dental

"I felt like I had an entire staff dedicated to business continuity"

With Virtual Corporation, I felt like I had an entire staff dedicated to business continuity,” said the director. “You can call them consultants, but for the time they were here, they were implementers, mentors, troubleshooters, and part of my team. They helped establish a process and the policies related to it, but most importantly, they helped make sure that we succeeded.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

"I’d have been lost without them!"

During my career, I’ve worked with and purchased hundreds of technologies, and there aren’t many I would praise. But Virtual Corporation is definitely one that I would recommend to other corporations – not only for their technology but also for their team and consultants. They really pulled through for us, and I would have been lost without them. 

The Hertz Corporation 

Gartner Peer Insights
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“While IT and its ability to deliver technology are tightly interwoven into businesses, the organizations must ensure their critical functions have high availability and minimal downtime”

Scott Ream, CEO at Virtual Corporation

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