Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Virtual Corporation’s systematic approach to cybersecurity and risk management services helps businesses to minimize possible data breaches, protect against security threats, and maintain a healthy online presence.

By identifying the proper blend of people, process, and technology within an organization, a customizable cybersecurity plan can be created to minimize organizational risk.

Our team is highly experienced and capable of evaluating your current cybersecurity setup and helping your business develop and implement a strategy now and for the future.

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Cybersecurity Program Assessment

  • Use a pre-defined maturity rating to score each program component (i.e., Policies, Access Control, SDLC, Patching, Awareness)
  • Use the maturity assessment and other forms of input to identify and prioritize objectives

Managed Service Review

  • Review metrics associated with the service(s) implemented to ensure requirements are met
  • Identify possible expansion or consolidation of services opportunities

Managed Service Selection

  • Compare managed service costs and identify optimal contract lengths

Data Breach Response Planning

  • Identify the proper roles and responsibilities for the Data Breach Response Team
  • Review Cyber Liability insurance options and policy requirements

Cybersecurity & Business Continuity Integration

  • Incorporate cybersecurity risk into the existing Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Determine whether to use 3rd Party vendors or manage responsibilities in house

Desktop Testing & Exercises

  • Perform Desktop Exercises using realistic scenarios
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Develop Policies & Procedures

  • Develop documents and establish review process
  • Create repositories for editing and Read Only versions

Create Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Document responsibilities with client
  • Develop frequency exercises with client

Desktop Testing Exercises

  • Develop specific scenario based exercises to test Data Breach Response and Business Continuity plans

Application Security Review

  • Review application code and SDLC

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