Virtual Corporation knows that the sooner you can resume normal business operations the happier you and your C-Level will be. We are well versed in how best to gain control quickly following a disaster, be it an application failure, data or networking loss to complete destruction of a key data center. Every minute is precious, and our team of consultants has a broad wealth of knowledge across business sectors to support your disaster recovery needs. Documentation, templates, sets of procedures are just some of the ways we can come alongside to ensure you’re ready when, not if, a disaster strikes your organization.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Disaster Recovery (DR) Program Coaching
  • Outsourced DR Program Management
  • DR Program Maturity Assessment
  • DR Program Design
  • IT Current State Assessments
  • IT Systems Risk Management
  • IT Systems Impact Analysis Design and Completion
  • IT System Plan Design and Completion
  • IT Systems Dependency Analysis
  • Disaster Recovery Exercises