Business Continuity Management Consulting

Virtual Corporation understands that advanced planning and preparation are necessary to ensure that your organization will have the capabilities and capacity to operate critical business functions through ANY emergency. Regardless of the event, you can count on our team of business continuity consultants to provide guidance, test your plans, share proven methods and be at the ready to support you in your BCM planning, from program administration to recovery planning, we've got you covered!

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What do business continuity consulting services include?

A business continuity plan lays out the procedures and guidelines that a company has to follow in the event of a crisis; it includes business processes, assets, human resources, business partners, and more.

Business activities can be disrupted at any time, with or without warning. Natural catastrophes, industrial accidents, unplanned lengthy power outages, and cyber-attacks all pose risks throughout every industry every minute of every day. Investing in business continuity consulting companies is critical for any industry. Our business continuity consulting services and proven initiatives can help you get a thorough knowledge of your organization's strategic priorities, weaknesses, and risks while also assisting in the establishment of strong internal skills that boost your organization's resilience.

While an interruption cannot be completely prevented, Virtual Corporation's business continuity consulting services can assist you in assessing and managing your risks. We've evaluated, developed, and implemented business continuity plans for small, medium, and large businesses, covering both regulated and non-regulated services.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Business Continuity Consulting
  • Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program Coaching
  • Outsourced BCM Program Management
  • BCM Program Maturity Assessment
  • BCM Program Design
  • Risk Assessment (RA)
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Design and Completion
  • Business Recovery Plan (BRP) Design and Completion
  • Manufacturing Systems Risk Analysis
  • Manufacturing Recovery Plan Design and Completion
  • Business Recovery Plan Exercises

Understanding how your resiliency program stacks up is the first step to developing your program.
Our BCM Program Maturity Assessment is an excellent way to improve your business continuity, crisis management, and disaster recovery plans. Our thorough data-based review includes a full report, and maturity model scoring, and as one of the business continuity consulting companies, we will provide clear recommendations for improvement. You’ll know exactly where you stand and how to go about rapidly improving your current state of resiliency from our business continuity management consulting services.

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Business Continuity Consulting Company

Defining your business continuity strategy lowers the effect of possible disruption and the cost of compliance while increasing the efficiency of recovery activities, saving time and money. Our business continuity management consulting services provides a detailed design (depending on your predefined recovery objectives, strategies, and scenarios) and implement the infrastructure needed to recover assets and continue your business processes. We focus on the most important people, processes, technological assets, and data for your business.

Business Recovery Plan & Mock Disaster Exercises

Exercises keep your Business Continuity planning program in line with your business requirements and as one of the business continuity consulting companies, objectives on an ongoing basis by validating whether your plans will achieve your pre-defined RTOs and RPOs. Our consultants are experts at conducting tests and simulations of present recovery and contingency processes, as well as making improvement recommendations.

Our business continuity management consulting services also include completing mock disaster exercises to validate your Crisis Management Team’s ability to effectively respond to and recover from a potential or actual crisis situation. Our strategy in conducting a simulated exercise includes both senior management and business unit executives as we guide the organization from the onset of an event through a successful recovery. Each scenario we use takes a great deal of planning and in-house creativity.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Virtual Corporation is here to help. Business continuity management consulting is a must for any business, and you don’t want to guess on how to prepare, you want experts to show you how to build a solid plan to protect against any potential threats so that in case that disaster strikes you won’t be losing any important data or have any downtime trying to get back on track. Let us help you create a solid resiliency program, contact us today to engage in our business continuity consulting services.

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