While we certainly never hope for the worst, it is good to prepare for it. Crisis events have changed over the years and our way of planning for them continues to evolve. If your business is hit with an unexpected crisis, whether it be a major storm, cyber threats, loss of key leaders, what have you, you want to know that your business will be safe and functioning properly during and after the event. Virtual Corporation offers comprehensive consulting services for businesses of all sizes, in all industries. To learn more about crisis management, how we can help, and advice and tips, follow our blog! Contact us today!

  1. Is a Cybersecurity Review Right for You?

    Answer "no" to any of the questions below and a review might be just what you need. Do you know what your program is supposed to be protecting? Many organizations have fantastic defenses in place, but when you dig a little deeper there is no justification for the spend.  When assets are identified …Read More

  2. 5 Ways to Ensure Optimal Outcomes for Your Resilience Plan…

    Are you getting optimal outcomes for your organizational resilience and business continuity plans? Do you have a way to measure this? We'll, no need to stress, we've got an easy to follow infographic that will show you the five (5) things you need to consider when managing disaster recovery and orga…Read More

  3. Are you a Business Continuity Ninja?

    Are you ready for ANY disaster? Do you have ninja-like reflexes? Is your superpower continuity? You may not be able to anticipate and avert a crisis every time but do you know how to expect the unexpected... In too many cases, some quite recently, the worst possible risks tend to be something that n…Read More

  4. CyberSecurity HACKS…to Avoid Getting Hacked!

    It seems like we read about or see new stories of cyber security breaches and hacking on a regular basis nowadays. A cyber-attack can lead to financial and reputational losses from which it can be very difficult to recover. A cybersecurity breach can negatively impact your business continuity and fo…Read More

  5. Learnings from Super Storm Sandy

    Crisis management before the storm is key! When Sandy was still a tropical storm, and not yet a hurricane, one crisis management team working in NYC began implementing their plan. This included: Documenting and testing BC Plans and strategies Closing offices ahead of time Pre-positioning key staff A…Read More