Virtual Corporation has the pleasure of presenting at the North Texas APICS chapter in Dallas, Texas on August 1st. Shane Mathew, VP of Professional Services at Virtual Corporation, will be presenting:  

“Vetting the resilience of your vendors: Best practices for selecting vendors that will be there when you need them.”  

With the variety of technology products and services available, vetting vendors properly may be a challenge. It’s important to conduct due diligence when evaluating current and potential vendors. Whether it is ensuring vendors have data security practices in place, or adapting to customers’ changing expectations and demands, assessing existing and new vendors capabilities is a key component to sustainable business operations.  

This presentation will focus on what can go wrong when your vendors are facing business disruptions such as digital, data security, lack of necessary infrastructure, or even natural disasters and cannot fulfill your service requests. It will also challenge you to consider a multitude of factors when assessing your current vendors and potential new vendors.  

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About the Speaker 

Shane Mathew, VP of Professional Services at Virtual Corporation 

Shane oversees the consulting and software implementation services for Virtual Corporation.  

Prior to joining Virtual Corporation, Shane served in various leadership roles within business continuity and emergency management in both healthcare and governmental organizations. Shane has the led the creation and implementation of business resiliency and risk identification programs for several organizations, including governmental, medical centers and a multi-site, national pharmaceutical division of a global healthcare organization. 

Virtual Corporation  

Virtual Corporation is a business continuity management & organizational resilience industry leader in software and consulting. We assist private, public & government organizations with all aspects of continuity, recovery & resilience planning. We help our clients design, implement & continuously enhance dynamic BCM and resilience programs that center on identifying, mitigating & acting upon prioritized risks across your enterprise. Virtual Corporation uniquely leverages its expertise in Business Continuity & organizational resilience consulting to ensure that every effort is sustainable, well documented, & effective in the face of unforeseen events. A leading implementer of enterprise BC programs, we also assist with BIAs, site vulnerability assessments, crisis management & incident command exercises & drills. Our solutions include the Business Continuity Maturity Model® & Sustainable Planner®, our highly customizable web-based software tool. 


APICSThe Association for Operations Management is a not-for-profit international educational organization respected throughout the world for its education and professional certification programs. With more than 70,000 individual and corporate members in 20,000 companies worldwide, APICS is dedicated to using education to improve the business bottom line. 

The North Texas APICS Chapter serves the Dallas and surrounding communities by sponsoring monthly professional development meetings featuring guest speakers and proving and excellent opportunity for members and professionals to meet, exchange ideas, and network with industry experts. Additionally, the Chapter provides training for two internationally recognized certifications (CPIM – Certified in Production and Inventory Management, CSCP – Certified Supply Chain Professional) via the APICS body of knowledge. Through our dedication, we are recognized as a platinum award winning chapter. This award is given for continued excellence in maintaining high chapter standards and running an effective governing body that serves our membership.

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